Launched in 2013, Fero clothing is a raw, uncensored, Inner city London lifestyle apparel brand.

The brand was founded by Firouz Faqirazai, a seasoned designer that has created one of customisation

pieces for Kelis, Rihanna, Emeli Sandi, Lana Del Rey and various other celebrities.


The heart of Fero Clothing’s work is driven by a non-mainstream subculture of self-expression and individuality.

Unlike many other streetwear labels, Fero Clothing refuses to conform to mainstream markets and the

mimicking that is so commonplace in today’s Streetwear.


The acronym Fero stands for Forever Expressing Raw Origins.

Annually, Fero Clothing launches two ranges Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter. The design process for

each range is based on a theme, this technique is then used to highlight awareness on particular topics and issues.