Predator season SS16

August 16, 2016

The importance of predators!





Apex predators are more important than you think.


Powerful apex predators have caught our attention since pre historic times.


We imitate them, we worship them, we display their heads, teeth and claws as trophies yet we are completely terrified of them.


Apex predators are so called because of their position at the very top of the food chain.


You could think of the space they occupy in the ecco system as the peak segment of the ecological pyramid, nobody preys on them.


They eat lower species making up the wider pyramid below.


To really appreciate predators as species scare you merely have to look at their role in trophic cascade.


The trophic level of an organism defines its position in the food chain and Apex predators sit at the highest trophic level.


Without these predators the vegetation species would decline from over grazing Herbivores.


Predators are the perfect balance for the ecological system and complete the cycle of food chain. That’s why we have to celebrate these amazing creatures.