Power season SS17



Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events in a positive or negative way. 

With recent events taken place Power appears to be a contemporary issue.

Controversial by nature, Power is undoubtedly one thing people aspire for

yet is the same thing that ruins people. Both nations and governments

fight for this intangible phenomenon and will happily sacrifice lives.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, Power, is something we strive for.

Socially it impacts our self-esteem, politically it allows for greater control

over the masses and financially it gives one greater options. However, at

the same time, it’s vitally important one recognises that while Power

brings so many accolades, it has also the capacity to destruct everything

and everyone. In closing, finding our optimal level of Power is something

we must all individually find to ensure wider and inner peace.